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Welcome to CWA 4502

620 E. Broad Street St.  Columbus, OH 43215  Phone: (614) 485-1265

Welcome to the Site of the City of Columbus's Professional, Technical and Supervisory Employees – CWA Local 4502.

CWA 4502 has a history of service to the professional employees of the City of Columbus, who work together to enhance the quality of life of the people who live, work and raise families here. We are proud to offer the skills and technical expertise that allows Columbus to operate efficiently and transparently. Our public service is a calling and a sacrifice that greatly improves the lives of the citizens we serve. 

We feel a solidarity, a close connection, with our brothers and sisters in the Communications Workers of America and the AFL-CIO. We stand together to support workers’ rights and provide outstanding service to the people of Central Ohio.

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Happy Pride!

To all our LGBTQ  members & their families, have a happy and safe pride. 


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Discounted NASCAR Tickets for Union Members

CWA is offering discounted NASCAR tickets to the Kentucky Speedway, July 13 for current union members and their family.

CWA Members NASCAR Discount
Kentucky Speedway / Quaker State 400
July 13, 2019
$60 (additional fees apply)
NOTE: This is a 45% discount. Seats sell at $109 (plus fees).

Order Online at:
Under “Get Tickets”
Select “Quaker State 400”
Select “Use Promo Code”
Under “Access an Offer,” Enter Promo Code: KYSUNION
Or Call: 859-578-2300

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Organized Labor Night with the Crew

Saturday August 17, 7:30 pm Kickoff
versus Toronto FC

Union members can enjoy discounted tickets for $15 (Upper Sideline - $34 value)
or $32 Ticket and food ($51 Value: all you can eat buffet: hot dogs, potato salad, mac & cheese, Pepsi products).

Attendees have access to the Pre-Match Party in the  Stadium Club Tent.
The first 200 have access to the Pre-Match Supporters Tunnel.
Post match PKs for kids 13 & under.

Deadline to order tickets is 8/16/19; check back for link to discounted tickets

View Flyer

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Join Us for Organized Labor Night with the Clippers

Mark your Calendar:
Saturday July 13, 7:15 pm

Enjoy discounts for Happy Hour from 5:30 - 6:30 pm in the Right Field Plaza. 
Meijer gift cards and T-shirt give-aways will be raffled to union members attending.
Fireworks after the game.

Link to discounted tickets coming soon.

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2019 Full-time Employee Insurance Rates

 New Insurance Rates 

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Union Plus - Over 25 Benefits & Discounts for Union Members

Union Plus LogoActive and retired union members, their parents and children, can take advantage of special home financing through Union Plus. If you (or your child or parent) are planning to purchase or refinance a home, view Union Plus/Wells Fargo flyer. There are special benefits for union members, including mortgage payment assistance in the event of an unexpected loss of income. 

Not quite ready for a home? Union Plus offers over 25 benefits & discounts exclusively to union members. CWA members can receive: a 15% discount on AT&T Wireless; competitive rate credit cards (may include hardship assistance); travel discounts; entertainment discounts at over 50 theme parks (Disney), movies, zoos and more; auto financing; college benefits, scholarships and more. Brochure and contacts.

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Free Online College Benefit

Union members (and their family, spouse, dependents) can attend college online free. Degree programs include: Associate of Arts, Criminal Justice, Teacher Education, Accounting, Paralegal, Patient Home Navigator, Business Management and more.

For more information, contact our Local 4502 Organizer, WayneTrakas-Lawlor, at 614-971-0941 or (Tuesday - Thursday, 9am - 4pm preferred).

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Capital University Tuition Discount

Capital UniversityCapital University tuition discount is half-off for families working in public service; click here

News article in the Columbus Dispatch

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CWA 4502 Grievance Regarding DPU Proposed Policy

Here is a copy of the grievance filed regarding the DPU Policy.


Update: The Union met the City in arbitration concerning DPU Policies and Section 20.1 (A) on February 21, 2019. Both Labor and the City presented their cases. The attorneys have until April 26 to file briefs. We anticipate a decision in June.


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Free C-Pass COTA for City Employees

For information on the C-Pass program click this link

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4502 Retirees Chapter

Did you know our local has an active retirees' chapter? If you know any retirees or are near retirement yourself, please contact: Local 4502 will pay the $25 life-membership fee on your behalf. 

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Sick Leave Pay Back Reminder

CWA employees are given 80 hours sick leave per year. If you leave city employment prior to the end of the year, you are required to pay back any sick time you’ve taken, at 6.67 hours per month, for any remaining months of the year. Please refer to the CWA Contract, Article 13, Section 13.1E.

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Union Members Pack "Right to Work" Hearing at the Statehouse

Union Members Pack Statehouse News Bureau article 11/13/18. Labor packed the Ohio Statehouse hearing room in  opposition to this proposed bill (see our own CWA'ers front and center).

See more on our FB page.

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2017 - 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

2017 - 2020 CBA

MOU 2018-01 Change in Holidays, Sick Leave Reciprocity, Personal Business Day - NOTE: We have Monday, November 12 off for Veterans Day in place of Columbus Day. We earned an extra Personal Business Day in this MOU taking it to 3 eight-hour days (which can be taken in 4.0 hour increments).  Sick Leave Reciprocity was also moved from 72 to 80 hours to match the sick leave in our contract.

AFSCME Care Plan for Hearing Aids - NOTE: We negotiated this benefit in our bargaining process, but you must enroll in the program - enrollment forms will be mailed to your home soon. Please do so by filling out and returning it so that if you (or a family member) needs the service later, you are enrolled. It is open to both AFSCME and CWA bargaining units. It covers $1,500 per ear every four years. The Claim Form can be used in the interim. View the Plan DetailsNOTE: "Hear in America" participates in this program, but you are NOT obligated to use their service. Some have reported that this company has (mis) informed them otherwise.

Hearing Aid Enrollment Form 

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Medical Plan Design Changes

To view medical changes click here

Hearing Aid Medical Form click here

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CWA Stronger!

Public Sector Unions are under attack.  In turn, middle class America is dwindling and runs the risk of becoming extinct.

CWA Stronger is a chance for us to stand together and defend our union and perserve the middle class.  We are working to make CWA Stronger!

To make our union stronger requires each member to take a stand.  A pledge card is linked below.  Please take a moment to complete the pledge card and return to the union through your representative, or a board member, or fax to (614) 485-1185.

Help us to protect the American dream.  Sign your pledge card today.

CWA Stronger Form

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City of Columbus & Franklin University Partnership

The City of Columbus and Franklin University Partnership provides educational opportunities for all City of Columbus employees.  For more information click here.

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Support Labor-Friendly Policy

We encourage all members to support the CWA Political Action Fund which fights to ensure government policies are as labor-friendly as possible. 

Visit our Distrct 4 site to learn how to give. Payroll deductions and one-time donations are both welcome.

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CWA Shirts

Any member who would like to order a CWA shirt please call the union office to place an order.  Any one who ordered CWA red shirts the shirts are at the union office.  Please make arrangements to stop by and pick up your shirt.

red shirt

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Learn more about our local, check out our newsletter page.

Ideas or suggestions for the newsletter call the union office (614) 485-1265. 

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Progress Ohio

ProgressOhio is an organization committed to promoting labor-friendly issues and candidates in Ohio. This group was instrumental in defeating SB 5/Issue 2. ProgressOhio and CWA work together to encourage Ohioans who believe in these issues to be engaged and active.

Connect with Progress Ohio on Facebook.

Help build a stronger CWA by reaching out to encourage 5 or more  of your colleagues to join us in support of these important issues.

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Help prevent and treat pediatric Aids

Fight AidsCWA and CWA Local 4502 encourage you to join the fight against pediatric aids. The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation seeks to end pediatric HIV/AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention and treatment programs.


Please visit the link below to learn more or make a contribution to this fight. Please provide our local number 4502 with your donation.

Act Now!

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Find us on Facebook

Connect with us on Facebook!

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Union Plus Union Member Discounts

Did you know there are dozens of discounts and deals available only to union members? Click the logo below to visit the Union Plus page to learn more. 


ATT Discounts of up to 18% avaialble at

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Know Your Leave Balance

Please remember that knowing your leave balances is your responsibility. A signed leave form is not enough. If you don’t have the balance, you don’t have the leave. Check your balances at the link below.

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Support Stand Up for Ohio

We are asking all members to support Stand Up for Ohio, a group started by CWA that supports worker rights. It only cost $5 a year for members and, the board voted to pay each members' first year dues. Please fill out the form linked below and send email to to join with us to support workers rights.

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Become a Member!

Joining CWA local 4502 has many benefits and no additional costs. Most importantly, it will allow you to vote on contracts and important issues, giving you a true voice in the membership. Only members receive certain benefits like eligibility for our scholarship program for your children. There is strength in membership. The greater the portion of eligible employees who become full members, the greater our show of strength and solidarity is. Becoming a member tells the City leadership that you feel the union is important and you are willing to take a stand to support Columbus workers.

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Benefit for CWA 4502 Members

Remember, as a member of CWA Local 4502 you have the opportunity to enroll in ARAG, an affordable plan that gives you the services of a lawyer as well as financial planning resources when you need them. More information is available under the Union Resources tab.

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Social Media Tips

Click the image to the left for some important tips to remember when you use social media like FaceBook or Twitter.

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Worker Rights, It's the Law

It is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States to... encourag[e] the practice and procedure of collective bargaining and [to] protect... the exercise by workers of full freedom of association, self-organization and designation of representatives of their own choosing, for the purpose of negotiating the terms and conditions of their employment or other mutual aid or protection.

-- National Labor Relations Act 1935

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